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We bring together diverse people that combine creativity, technology, and expertise; to help you deliver the ultimate gaming experience.

Diversity is about thriving,
not about presence.

The gaming world has evolved. The technology that powers games have improved. The players have changed.

We help gaming studios make sense of change and harness the power of diversity to unleash innovation.

We have built trailblazing teams for Indie Start-ups and Gaming Giants by connecting them to our diverse pool of exceptional talent.

"I've only recently partnered with Digital Vision for help with hiring here at Electronic Arts, and I'm so impressed with the massive impact they have made already! They take pride in their work, truly care for candidates and we get so much positive feedback about them already. Also helping us hire more female engineers has been excellent to diversify our teams. "
Joe Burridge
Senior Talent Manager, EA

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Our experienced recruiters specialise in creating diverse Gaming teams in four key areas

  1. Programming
  2. Art
  3. Design
  4. Quality Assurance
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